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Welcome To My Crochet Page

Come in and join Lobo and me, have a cookie and milk or what ever you want.

I started to crochet at a young age, about 12 or 14. I did it for a while, but did not keep at it till much later in life, about 40. I still, at that time, could not or would not read a pattern. You had to show me how it was done. That was, until I met a cousin of my DH (Darling Husband), who showed me once and said, "read, do it, frog; read, do it, frog". lol Well, there was more froging going on, then anything else. Now I know how to read patterns and it is so much, more fun now.

I hope to have a lot of pictures of my work posted here soon. I also hope to have a lot of crochet links listed on this page. If you would like to have your web page included here, just let me know. Lobo and I would love to have you.

Well, enjoy your stay here and come back real soon.

Here is some of my work Click on the thumbnail to view larger image.

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