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Hello All, some of you already know me from my human , Wolfgirl, writing about some things I thought were cute; but she could not see the humor in them! As for the rest of you, where have you been? In the closet? Come out and hear all about me. I'm cute, to know me is to love me , but now on with my bio. So get a drink, sit down and enjoy.

I came into this world on February 1st, 1998. I had 6 brothers  and sisters . In 7 days, I opened my eyes and I saw mother for the first time. She is beautiful, she ia a newfoundland and boy is she big! Dad lived next door. He is a husky , he does not come to see us much. Oh well on with my story. When we were 6 weeks old, the human who lives here, put us all in a box and into a thing call a car. Did not like that much. They took us to the local Wal Mart. There were a lot of those things called cars and a lot of humans. They would pick us up, coo and ahhh at us. Pretty soon one of my sisters went with a human. Then 3 more of us. It was getting lonely, then this human picked me and said I was cute, then she put me back in the box. I really  thought she would take me. She was nice, she smelled good too, and had a nice red car . Oh well I think I will go to sleep. snore zzzzz Oh what happened! There's that red car and that nice lady! Oh boy, she is talking to the man in the  car. Maybe if i kiss her and wag my tail, she will take  me . Yuper, she got me! In the red car I go, she is holding me and loving me. This  is nice, oh we are stopping ! There is a house and a biggggggggggggggg yard!! In the house we go , boy a lot of rooms. Oh my, what is that with all the fur? My human tells me it's a cat. What in the world is a cat? Let me go, I got to see this cat; spit , spit, growl, hair on her back stood up , so big, then she slapped me ! She got nails in that paw and they hurt! I will get you for that, cat!!! Oh oh, human tells me, no, no; to leave baby alone! Thought baby was nice. Well, when no one is looking at me, I will get that baby, right in the old wa zoo!!! hee tee hee .

Well I am 10 weeks old now. I am trying to please my human but don't think I am doing to good. Like the day she got me a swimming pool. It is very hot here in Mississippi. Well anyway, she got the hose and was trying to fill the pool, when I grabbed the hose and ran with it!! She was funny running after me and yelling Lobo (that is the name she gave me), she is a bit on the heavy side. Ok, a lot on the heavy side! She looked so funny running and waving her hands and arms  at me! I stopped, but when I sat down, a funny thing happened. The hose was aimed at her !!! lololo and she got all wet! Hold it a minute, there's that cat. Wonder if I can put this hose on her. tee tee No I can't! The human just took it away from me! I told that cat, some day I will get you *#$hold_dollar@*!!!

Ok, let me tell you about Mother's Day. Wolfgirl was not to pleased with  me that day! First, it was the next Sunday, the man human had to work on Mother's Day. Well, she cooked or roasted, what ever you call it, a big chunk of beef. I think they said it comes from a cow, all I know is it smells oh so good! Then she set the table, whatever that is. She said it looked pretty. Then she called the man human and was ready to sit down to eat. Now is my chance, to look real sad and do a thing call begging. I do that  most of the time. She was ready to light the candles when someone came into the driveway. They went out to talk to them and left me all alone with that great smelling meat! I waited  and waited , but they don't come back. So I take hold of the table cloth and give it a jerk and it all fell on the floor!!! Well, seeing it was there I started on the meat! Oh so good! Then I see the mashed potatoes, they were good too. I found the things they call  veggies, yuck!? Not so good . Oh, these must be the candles, let's try them. No, no, never try them. They taste terrible!! Yuckey, made me a little sick. Oh oh, here the humans are  coming back! I will just sit here with a s....t eaten grin on my face. I know they will  thank  me, for not letting the food get  cold. WRONG!!!! Boy, were they mad at me and sent me to my room! I don't care, it was worth it!!!

Well I am now 6 months  old. Life sure has been fun. I eat, sleep, get in my pool and get in to trouble. Like the time Wolfgirl bought 24 rolls of toilet paper and left me all a lone with it. What was I suppose to do? Just sit there and look at it ! WRONG !! I know that it was there for me to decorate  the bath room and our bedroom (I share  with Wolfgirl). So I did !! Over the bed, on top of it, in the shower, in my water dish, around and round I did go!!! Then I ate some.It Was ok, But the one in my dish was baddddddddddd, but as usual, when she got home, she was mad at me. Don't know why! I think the rooms look real good! Oh well, some times there is no pleasing some people no matter what you do. Just like the day I put a turtle in bed with her. She did not like that either! See what I mean. What's a body to do , I ask you.

She did get my picture at long last I'm the cute one you see here on this page! Aren't I lovable? like I say to know me is to love me. Well that's it for now she wants to put this up on her web page , but I will be adding things to it.

bye for now love  you all and here is a kiss for you !

slurp slurp .,, Oh one more thing, some of you think I'm a boy, WRONG, I am a girl. I Know I act like a boy but I'm a girl!

Also, about my name , It should be EL LOBO that is the native

way to say it, it means lone one or outlaw but Wolfgirl dropped the el in it, and she just calls me lobo . Well that's it till we add more,   love ya .............Lobo

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