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Hi all!
Lobo here hard at work as you can see from the picture above.
Well now about this page? I will call it mt friends page.
There will be picture of furballs(cats) and dogs and fish.
And my new friend a horse. He so cute and BIG!
And some wolf dogs. They are nice. Mom said maybe
someday we would get one. Hope so I need someone
to play with. LOL so far got some nice picture
but need more so all you moms and dads that
read this please send them.
So sit down and what would you like?
How about some coffee and a piece of apple pie?
Mom just made and it is mmmm good.
There now are you ready for the show. Well here
we gooo, have fun and please tell me what you think of this page.

Love you all, and here is a big wet kiss slurp slurp for you all ..............Lobo