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WolfGirls Pets


Lobo here, going to try and write something about Wolfgirls pets who have gone on to the rainbow bridge to wait for us. She asked me to do this for her, hope I can remember all she told me about them.

First let's do the husky type, the big white one , that was Sir Teddy Bear. He was a gem, very loving, and would pull her on a sled. They had great fun, he did have one problem, if he went to bed first she did not get much of the bed he would hog it all, LOL (like me) he was with her 10 years before he passed on.

Now lets do the malamute's Bear & Thunder she got Bear first then Thunder they were good together. Where one went the other was there too, they also pulled a sled but THUNDER was her talking dog. She would go outside and and yell "how are you today" and he would bow wow, the two of them would talk for an hour or more, and Thunder always laid down to eat! Funny hu? Bear was 15 when she died and Thunder was 12 when he passed on.

Then there was Dutches, now that dog was more like me, into everything if it was wrong she did it, but still wolfgirl gave her a lot of love like she does me. but Dutch was not with her long, only 2 years, she died of cancer.

Now we are going talk about the cocker in her life. The first was Prinie, all the kids loved her, They would come to the house and ask if Prinie could come and play in the park ( she lived close to it ) the dog & kids would go there & Prinie would slid down the slid with them and go up the ladder ( great and smart ) and they would put her on o swing and on the merry go round. She was with wolfgirl 17 years.

Now comes Velvet into wolfgirl's life. She was a lady, very beautiful her Full name was Lady Velvet, WHAT A NAME!!!, but it fit her to a tea. Boy could she hunt, she got ribbons for her hunting skills!!! She lived for 15 years.

Then there was Helm, a German Shaper, who was a guard dog, and boy was he big! The man who trained him was very sick and sold him to wolfgirl for (now get This) 3000.00 smack a roos!!! wow !! She had him for ten years but had to put him down, He had something wrong with his hips.

Now we get to talk about the fur balls in her life.
First there was ma cat ( boy can she name them or what?!? yuck!! ( her and prinie were together all the time, but to humans she was not so friendly (with a name like that who would be) She lived 20 years.

Then there was LITTLE BIT who was only with us 6 monnths, had cancer

Then there was GE GE, when they bought the house she came with it!! she likes to sleep with WolfGirls teddy bears, lucky cat, ( I can't even go near them!! )

Then there was Muffy, he was a sweet heart, He would sit on the book case and hit the knob with his paw when he wanted to go out. Him and Ma cat were good friends. He lived 9 years.

She also had a Siamese cat named Ling Ling who came on easter and had kittens on turkey day and left on Xmas never to be seen again.

In Memory of Meeko Atwood: Date: May 17,1985 to June 24,1999

Hello my name is Meeko Atwood. I was born on May 17th 1985. I am a apicot toy poodle. I am a toy poodle with a rottweiler attitude my Masters would say. When I was a little guy I found a home with a lady named Shirley and her son Stevie. I lived with them for about 4 years then I moved into the home of the Atwood's. I lived there until it was my time. Some of my favorite past times I like doing are going fishing with my masters (they let me play with the fish when they caught them heeheehee ). I went camping all over the place with my real master Don. We went to so many places like California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. My favorite food are Hot Dogs and cheese. I would do dances for that kind of food. yum yum!!!!!!!! In May of 1999 I came down with real bad heart troubles and my masters took me in to see the Doctor and put me on heart medication. I was only on the meds just for a short time. I was having troubles breathing and I was coughing all the time. Now I am in a better place with Jesus and my mate Sophia. I will miss my family and my Master Don very much. I love you all............Meeko

( Meeko we love you and miss you. You are one of a kind. Love Mom, Dad, Kristy,Snoopy, & Snuggles )

(#1 picture- Meeko looking over the boat looking for his fish so he can play with it.

#2 picture- (L to R ) Snoopy, Meeko's Daughter, Snuggles , and Meeko. We were camping at Eagle Creek, Idaho.

Well I hope I got it all down the way she told me ,I got to go rest my paw, It's hard work typing all of this and get it right. Oh by the way most of her dogs and cats come from the S.P.C.A. a good place to get that special pet.VELVET AND SIR TEDDY BEAR Were Registered.
well I an going to rest now.
Thanks for stopping by.

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