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Welcome to WolfGirls
Christmas Den

Made by LadyT

Hi There! Come on into my Christmas Den. I'm not quite done decorating,
I know its cold out there so come on in and gather
around the fire and get warm. It's that time of year again.

While you are here, and warming up, I would like to show you
all the beautiful gifts my wonderful friends have given me.
By showing them to you all, it's my way of telling all of them

Thank You LadyT

From My Pack Sister
LadyinBlack, Thank you.

A Christmas LINK from NetWolf
Thank you, NW

Made by LadyT

Happy New Year 2001

I hope you enjoyed your visit. Bundle up, as I know it's pretty cold
in someplaces. Stop by again sometime soon. Love having visitors.
Before you leave, look under our tree. Theres a gift under there for you.
Jerry, Lobo, and I wish everyone the Happiest Holiday Season ever!

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